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Messages From The Tree

Lena Bea
6 October 1984
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A person on a journey. Just like the rest of the world. The rest of the users on this page. If we weren't all in search of something we wouldn't be here. Typing these journals. And you..you wouldn't be reading them.

abandoned buildings, absinthe, acting, agnostics, all music, androgyny, antiquarian books, art, asphyxiation, audrey hepburn, autumn, babies, being alone, blood, boredom, bram stoker, broadway, burning, candles, cats, cemeteries, chocolate, christian bale, clive barker, conspiracies, constellations, cooking, corsets, costumes, crochet, cuddling, culture, curiosity, curry, dancing, david bowie, death, demons, dreams, drinking, driving, eclectic, elvis costello, emptiness, erotica, evanecence, expatriate, falling, family, fire, flirting, food, foreign films, freaks, friends, geeks, ghosts, gilmore girls, golems, gothic, great books, halloween, hands, haunted places, hitchcock, indie films, intelligent conversation, journalism, karma, kevin spacey, kittens, knitting, life, liqour, logic, love, mankind in general, masochism, massive cities, mel brooks, monsters, moonlight, mortality, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical theatre, my husband, mystery, nature, new york pizza, nirvana, obscure references, paint, pale skin, parenting, passion, performance, philosophy, photography, photos, piano, piercings, poetry, pregnancy, psychology, rain, randomness, reading, religious iconography, romance, sadism, sarcasm, sensuality, sensurround stagings, september, sewing, sex, silence, sincerity, singing, ska, skulls, smoking, snuggling, spiritual matters, spirituality, star gazing, stars, stephen king, strange beauty, strange sounds, summoning, tattoos, the 80s, the unknown, theatre, theology, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, tonight, vampires, vodka, voyeurism, woody allen, words, writing